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● Wine bottle bottom dimple enigma Why do wine bottles (usually) have a raised-up internal dome-like structure [its technical name is a ‘punt’] at the bottom of the bottle? If you have a theory about such things, yours can be compared to a substantial list of possible explanations – bearing in ... [ click to read full item ]
Recent progress in robotic topiary
Recent progress in robotic topiary ● The ever expanding list of professional activities that are in imminent danger of replacement by AI and/or robots has a new addition – Topiarists. A topiary-bot is currently under test at Wageningen University, The Netherlands, as part of the the university’s TrimBot2020 project. Which is seeking to “advance the robotics ... [ click to read full item ]
A “Gyroscopic” no-spill cup-holder [new patent]
A “Gyroscopic” no-spill cup-holder [new patent] ● “For travelers, balancing luggage, a snack, personal items, and a drink can be difficult, often resulting in spilling of beverages either while walking around or while seated on, for example, a plane or in a car.” What one needs, perhaps, is a self-stabilizing drinks-cup holder? And, fortunately, a newly patented ... [ click to read full item ]

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