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Insect (names) in Fireworks [study]
Insect (names) in Fireworks [study] ●   Dr. Joe Coelho, who is Professor of Biology at Quincy University, Illinois, US, is the author of ‘Insects In Fireworks’ a paper published in Ethnoentomology: an Open Journal of Ethnoentomology and Cultural Entomology, 2: 20–29. To clarify, the paper is not about the use of insects as ingredients in ... [ click to read full item ]
Finger-Food Hygiene Attachments [new patent]
Finger-Food Hygiene Attachments [new patent] ● US-based inventor Peter Delgrosso points out that consuming finger foods can sometimes be a hygienically suboptimal process – with a (timely) reminder that, in the act of eating finger foods ; “Germs, bacteria, and other harmful elements (e.g., microorganisms, viruses, chemicals, etc.) on our hands and fingers can then make ... [ click to read full item ]
What is it like to be a (drunken) bat? [two studies]
What is it like to be a (drunken) bat? [two studies] ● Driving whilst under the influence of alcohol is widely regarded as dangerous. So, perhaps flying whilst intoxicated, if you’re, say, a fruit bat, might be unwise too? Two scientific research groups have experimentally tested the flying performance of fruit bats whilst tipsy (the bats, not the researchers). But the results ... [ click to read full item ]

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