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Hula-Hoops as electrical generators [studies]
Hula-Hoops as electrical generators [studies] ● “We designed and implemented a human-powered generator which could provide large electricity by using and measured a human metabolic energy expenditure needed to operate it.“ – explain researchers Yoon-Ho Lim, Jeong-Jin Yeo, Mun-Ho Ryu and Yoon-Seok Yang of Chonbuk National University, Korea, who have, between them, developed a hula-hoop inspired ... [ click to read full item ]
Cyborg botany [study]
Cyborg botany [study] ● Over several million years, Venus Flytraps have been triggered to snap shut by flies. A new research project has shown they can also be triggered by a mouse – viz. a computer mouse [As shown in the video above]. The many and varied possibilities of creating ‘Cyborg Plants’ has been ... [ click to read full item ]
Quantifying Missing Drizzle – a new paradigm [study]
Quantifying Missing Drizzle – a new paradigm [study] ● If a raindrop is less than 0.5mm in diameter, it’s drizzle – and if a drizzle particle is over 0.5mm, it’s a raindrop. That’s following the definitions of the National Weather Service Observing Handbook No. 8, Aviation Weather Observations for Supplementary Aviation Weather Reporting Stations (SAWRS), Manual Observations, October 1996. ... [ click to read full item ]

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