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Patent simplicity : ‘Beach Blanket’ [patent]
Patent simplicity : ‘Beach Blanket’ [patent] ● When it comes to simple, yet patentable ideas, it’s not easy to find a better example than US Patent 7096526B1 granted to inventor Laura E Ogan – entitled ‘Beach Blanket’. “People go to the beach for relaxation. One of the usual objects that is brought to the beach for comfort is ... [ click to read full item ]
‘RoastMe’ [study]
‘RoastMe’ [study] ● The RoastMe practice emerged in 2015 on the online platform Reddit. Devotees of RoastMe post pictures of themselves (i.e. the Roastee’) whilst holding a placard (of some kind) with the phrase ‘Roast Me’ written on it – with the idea of attracting amusing insults (as comments) The first academic review ... [ click to read full item ]
Person Authentication Using Finger Snapping [study]
Person Authentication Using Finger Snapping [study] ● When it comes to biometric authorization systems, there are many to choose from – candidates include face recognition, fingerprint recognition, ear recognition, voice recognition, tongue recognition and body odour recognition etc etc. But none is 100% perfect, so there’s always a demand for improvement and innovation. In 2016, a team ... [ click to read full item ]

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