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● Chewable tops for writing instruments [patent] “Statistics show that half the world population chews pens, markers and pencils.” If one happens to be in that 50%, then why not put the habit to good use? For example by using pens or pencils (or other writing instruments) with interchangeable flavoured caps? ... [ click to read full item ]
Recent progress in Peppa Pig® studies
Recent progress in Peppa Pig® studies ● Given the worldwide success of the Peppa Pig® TV series (and subsequent spinoffs), it’s perhaps not surprising that the character has attracted attention in academic circles. Here are some recent examples of scholarly publications on the subject.   Does Peppa Pig encourage inappropriate use of primary care resources? British Medical Journal, 2017; ... [ click to read full item ]
Dermatological manifestations in artworks [study]
Dermatological manifestations in artworks [study] ● The painting, by Ragnar Sandberg (1902–1972) entitled Chicken Handler (Hönsskötären , 1937), depicts a farmer and his chickens. Although many may have overlooked the red face-rash that the farmer evidently has, professor Nicolas Kluger of The University of Helsinki | HY-Skin and Allergy Hospital, has not. “The farmer displays a striking ... [ click to read full item ]

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