Thinking about air – ‘Aerography’

Prof_AdeyIf you are inclined to think deeply about air, in other words pondering the concept of ‘Aerography’, then don’t miss the work of Peter Adey, who is Professor of Human Geography at Royal Holloway University of London, UK. His new paper, published in Dialogues in Human Geography, (March 2015, 5: 54-75) is entitled: Air’s affinities: Geopolitics, chemical affect and the force of the elemental

“[…] As a different way to apprehend elements to notions within the turn to a material–affective thing–power, assemblage theory or geophysical processes and complexities, the article explores air by apprehending it through chemical–alchemic notions of affinity and a political–mythic philosophical elementalism. […]”

For more on levitating aerographic entities, including (but not limited to) magnetic trains; rocket men; tightrope walkers; leaping artists; levitating lasers; yogic fliers, ominous UFOs; land art boulders; and the latest incarnation of superheroes in film, listen to this 2014 talk by the professor.

Note: Aerography should not be confused with Aerography, which is a surrealist spraypainting method in which a stencil is replaced by a three-dimensional object (sometimes male artists’ genitalia), or Aerography, the production of weather charts.

Also see: Atmospheric things, especially balloons.

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