Be2 or not be2?

When the chorus in Dirty Money’s ‘Hello Good Morning’ raps: “And everybody know who the truth be”, is be the familiar Ebonics habitual be2 or the “equative copula” be3 proposed by Alim (2001, 2004)?
Ralph Fasold
, emeritus professor of linguistics at Georgetown University, US, examines this question in detail for his report ‘Do it be be3 in Ebonics?‘ which was presented at the American Dialect Society Annual Meeting 2011 in Pittsburgh, January 6–8.
According to the professor, who has performed an examination of the lyrics of 100 popular hip hop songs, (including those of Dirty Money’s ‘Hello Good Morning’)

“ … the uninflected be in predicate nominal constructions is interpretable as be2, with a few cases open to challenge.”

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