Can Computers Create Humour?

Can Computers Create Humour? If the following jokes make you laugh, then the answer maybe yes.

• What is the difference between a desolate amusement and a smart impact ?
  One is a bleak show, the other is a chic blow.

• What kind of a temperature is a son ?
  A boy-ling point

• What kind of pre-school has a wine?
  A play-grape

They were generated by the Joking Computer Project at University of Aberdeen, Scotland. One of the system’s co-creators, Graeme Ritchie (Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Computing Science, University of Aberdeen) explains the background in a paper for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Magazine, fall 2009.

The author presents possible ways in which AI computer humour might be improved – firstly there is the notoriously tricky issue of ‘contextual relevance’. And : “The second possible improvement would be in the quality of the humor.”

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