More truffle hunting news

Truffles can be located not only by flying squirrels but also by electronic devices. A wealth of information on such techniques can be found in : The North American Truffler: Journal of the North American Truffling Society. Take for example, the Electronic Nose of Krishna Persaud (Professor of Chemoreception and Head of the Centre of Instrumentation and Analytical Science at the University of Manchester, UK). The Electronic Nose has advantages over more traditional methods of truffle hunting : “Difficulties of training and transporting dogs or pigs are avoided as well as operating losses due to animals eating truffles.”

For further details see: ‘Electronic equipment for detecting truffles|uses polymeric detectors whose electrical resistance varies with amount of volatile material in air‘.

BONUS: Investigator Tony Tweedale writes: “This reminds me of a wonderful children’s song written by the husband (Malcom Donaldson)  of “Gruffalo” author Julia Donaldson;  available to listen at about min. 28:00 of this podcast of a BBC interview with her.” [Here are the lyrics.]

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