The Zwickys – looking at words

Arnold M. Zwicky is Consulting Professor of Linguistics, Stanford University, and Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Linguistics, Ohio State University. The professor investigates “the interrelationships of syntax, morphology, and phonology, focusing especially on apparent counterexamples to the Principle of Phonology-Free Syntax and the Principle of Morphology-Free Syntax, as well as phenomena (like clitics) that appear to fall within more than one component of grammar.” [our hyperlink]

Over the years, the professor has not only analysed, for example, rhymes in rock and roll music : see:

“This rock and roll has got to stop”, Junior’s head is as hard as a rock.* (Chicago Linguistic Society, 1976).

but also, along with Elizabeth Zwicky, looked at imperfect puns : see:

Imperfect puns, markedness, and phonological similarity: with fronds like these, who need anemones?* (Folia Linguistica, 1986).

and, with Ann Zwicky, examined form, function and style of restaurant menus. see:

America’s national dish: The style of restaurant menus.  (American Speech, 1981).

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