‘Shoegazing’ – a definition

If you’re unsure of the derivation of the word ‘Shoegaze’ (as used to describe a musical genre) turn to page 13 of ‘Theater of jambands: Performance of resistance’ a dissertation presented to the Department of Theater Arts and the Graduate School of the University of Oregon in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, June 2009, by Dr. Christina Allaback, where you’ll find a definition:

“Shoegaze” refers to musicians who constantly looking at their pedals on the floor in order to keep switching tracks.

BONUS: A gigantic Semantic Map of the last.fm Music Folksonomy – including, of course, ‘Shoegaze’.

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  • Hi! Christina Allaback, here. I would like to add that this was in a footnote in the original work and there were not even a definition as to what shoegaze was when I wrote this. Only what I had heard others tell me. Now there are LOTS of definitions. I encourage anyone who reads this page or my dissertation to go out and find their own answer as to what the definition of “Shoegaze” is now.

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