Anti Gravity Developments

“The use of the new gravity-modifying device will cause radical paradigm changes in many areas of human activities.” Explains this document by Boris Volfson, designer of the Space Vehicle Propelled by the Pressure of Inflationary Vacuum State. It outlines how UK-based Gravity Machines PLC (formerly Gravity Machines Ltd) has acquired the patent licensing rights to develop and market worldwide a series of new devices based on the Phonon Maser and its derivative the Gravity Control Maser also invented by Volfson, the company’s co-founder. The applications, it is claimed, are, to say the least, manifold.

• Wireless Communication
• Wireless Power Transmission
• Commercial Space Vehicle Orbit
• Commercial Space Vehicle Launches
• Non-Invasive Surgery
• Subterranean Imaging For Petroleum and Minerals Exploration

And “The total sales are expected to reach $19.35 billion by year 2020.” The paper also explains the rationale which led to the development of the Gravity Control Maser. “Consider a thought experiment in which a superconductor disk acts as a centrifuge or a cream separator, like the ones used in milk-processing factories. The heavy particles (milk) in a separator move toward the perimeter, and the light particles (cream) move toward the center.” Then a cylindrical superconductive crystal is inserted into Volfson’s toroidal ‘Cooper Pair Separator’ – which is, in a sense, similar in some ways to the milk separator described above. “Just as phonons bounce between reflectors in a laser, we can now bounce the particles in the superconductive crystal, causing a population inversion. At some point, these particles break through a reflective mirror allowing antigravitons to leave as an amplified beam of repulsive gravitational force (‘antigravity’).”

The document goes on to describe how – “The company will prove its breakthrough technology in 2008 on a working Maser prototype built on a budget of about $2mln.  Once the technology is validated, the company will start building and marketing the revolutionary new gravity-controlling machines to the selected few markets, where the segment for the machines is no smaller than $1 billion.”
Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we have not been able to verify if a working prototype has been built to date, and as far as we are aware, no further announcements on the subject have been made. Perhaps the envisioned breakthrough has not yet fully materialised?

To Be Continued…

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