Ennui Amongst Chinese Librarians

It has been observed that librarians – specifically Chinese university librarians – can sometimes suffer from Ennui (a.k.a. boredom). Here is a partial compendium of the academic literature on the subject (2005 – 2008)

On the Occurrence and Elimination of University Librarian’s Professional Ennui (2005)

On the Causes and Countermeasure of the Career Ennui of Campus Librarians (2006)

Analysis of Causes of University Librarian Vocational Ennui and Countermeasures (2007)

On the Cultural Cause and Countermeasures of Occupational Ennui of Librarians (2008)

On the Regulating Action of Librarian’s Self Concept to Vocational Ennui (2008)

Fortunately, the latest paper spells out a possible ameliorating strategy towards countering this troubling and evidently pernicious manifestation.

Happy Work Is the Best Cure for the Burnout of the Librarians (2009)

(photo courtesy official China news agency, Xinhua)


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