Humming in academia (part 3 [itself with, yes, 3 parts])

A partial interdisciplinary overview of some of the recent literature [this is part 3 of a 4-part series]


Humming in Tune: Sex and Species Recognition by Mosquitoes on the Wing

“Male mosquitoes detect and locate female mosquitoes by hearing the female’s flight tone, but until recently we had no idea that females also respond to male flight tones.”


Feedback Attitude Control of Space Humming Bird

“The Space Humming Bird is an intra-vehicular free flying system (IVFFS) to be used in micro gravity environment.”


The Ocean’s Seismic Hum

“Since the early 20th century, seismometers have detected a continuous, low-frequency seismic “hum” that is caused by wave-wave interactions in the ocean.”

(concluding Improbable’s partial interdisciplinary overview of some of the recent literature)

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