Influence of personality and fatalistic belief on South African taxi driver behaviour


Are you one of those who believes that, when it comes to South African taxi drivers, road accidents are pre-destined, and not as a result of individual’s driving behaviour? If so, your beliefs could be erroneous – according to the results of a newly published study undertaken by Dr. Bright Mahembe (University of the Western Cape) and Professor Olorunjuwon Samuel (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg)

“We collected data from 203 conveniently sampled taxi drivers in Gauteng province of South Africa by means of a structured questionnaire. Our analysis, using Structural Equation Modelling, found significant positive relationships between agreeableness and positive driver behaviour, conscientiousness and positive driver behaviour, fatalism and extraversion, as well as fatalism and positive driver behaviour.“ [our hyperlink]

Following their investigations, the research team have suggestions for the South African road traffic authorities :

“Insights provided by this study could assist the Department of Transport and related Road Safety Authorities in designing road safety campaigns that addresses the erroneous beliefs by drivers that road accidents are pre-destined, and not as a result of individual’s driving behaviour.“

See: ‘Influence of personality and fatalistic belief on taxi driver behaviour’ South African Journal of Psychology, January 8, 2016.

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