Introducing – The Golfball Index

Each month sees in a batch of new US patents for golfballs. Can their numbers serve as a pointer for estimating the ongoing condition of human ingenuity? An Improbable Investigation.

The Golfball Index moved back into positive territory in February 2012, with 9 new US golfball patents being granted. This represented a 350% increase over the very poor showing of Jan 2012, when there were only 2 golfball patents for the entire month. February’s strongly upward trend fell back a little in March however, with just 7 new golfballs.

January 2012

Golf balls incorporating rigid, rosin-modified polymers

Golf ball comprising isocyanate-modified composition

February 2012

Multilayer golf ball with a thin thermoset outer layer

Golf ball having cross-core hardness differential and method for making it

Golf ball

Multi-piece solid golf ball

Multi-layer golf ball

Multi-piece solid golf ball

Multi-layer core golf ball

Multi-layer golf ball

Multi-layer golf ball

March 2012

Golf ball layer having reduced surface hardness and method of making same

Golf ball with multiple cover layers

Multi-piece solid golf ball

Treatment for facilitating bonding between golf ball layers and resultant golf balls

Multi-layer core golf ball

Multi-layer core golf ball

Golf ball surface patterns comprising multiple channels

Caution with regard to forward-looking statements :
Historical data should not be taken as an indicator of future performance. The Golfball Index may go down as well as up.

Next Month : the Golfball Index update for April

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