Introducing the Horse Gyro (new patent)

Attention horse owners/riders: Does your horse sometimes have the inclination to lean the ‘wrong’ way when ridden? Have you thought about fitting it with a set of gyroscopes? Inventor Greg Collier, of Lubbock, Texas, has been granted a new US patent which might go some way towards alleviating equine equilibria insufficiencies.Patent-Horse-Gyro_02

“This disclosure relates generally to a system and method of use of gyroscopic forces on animal equilibrium. Animal training systems are well known and the mechanics and use of gyroscopic forces are also well known. However, the combination and use of these arts are as yet unexplored as herein disclosed.“

The full extent of the invention’s potential can (perhaps only) be fully appreciated by reading the patent, entitled : ‘System and method of use of gyroscopic forces on animal equilibrium’


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