Neuromarketing for dogs

Developing successful products aimed at dogs might not always be as straightforward as it may seem :

“Because dogs cannot speak, traditional behavioral methods may be inadequate to reveal what dogs like or dislike.”

But, according to the website of Dog Star Technologies LLC, newly developed methods involving fMRI scanning (combined with machine-learning algorithms) might be able to provide neuromarketing insights for dogs’ true preferences.

Co-founder of the firm, Gregory Berns, MD, PhD  [pictured] (Distinguished Professor of Neuroeconomics at Emory University, US), is an expert on training dogs to feel comfortable inside the claustrophobic and noisy superconducting coils of an MRI scanner. In such a way, wide-awake dogs can be evaluated to determine what they really like and dislike – Dog Star say :

“[…] groundbreaking technology for obtaining quality fMRI imaging of awake unrestrained dogs provides a great resource for developing and validating novel canine products that Dogstar creates in-house.”

“Our basic research has made possible applied applications in the realm of product development. Because dogs cannot speak, traditional behavioral methods may be inadequate to reveal what dogs like or dislike. Such methods will not reveal internal motivations or emotions. Neuroimaging has proven value in human product development, and Dog Star Technologies is at the cutting edge of applications for canine product development. Possible applications include optimization of nutrition, toy design, and cognitive enhancers.”

With the aid of their newly developed technology Dog Star are also developing aromatherapy products for dogs and a canine ‘relaxation vest’.

Also don’t miss : professor Berns’ new book ‘What It’s Like to Be a Dog’

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