Recent progress in Wonder Woman studies

Since her first appearance in 1941, Wonder Woman © has received considerable attention from academia. Here are (but a few) recent(ish) contributions to the literature :

• ‘A Different Kind of Power’?: identification, stardom and embodiments of the military in Wonder Woman

• Wonder Woman, the Gutter, and Critical Genocide Studies

• Loving Lassos: Wonder Woman, Kink, and Care

• An Analysis Of Subtitling Strategies Used In Wonder Woman Movie (2017)

• Wonder Woman: Saving Lives through Just Torture?

• “Tricky” connotations: wonder woman as DC’s brand disruptor

• Wonder Woman for President

Bonus Factoid : William Moulton Marston (a.k.a. Charles Moulton) who is widely credited as the originator of Wonder Woman, also contributed to the invention of the Polygraph. More details here.

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