The Jell-O museum

The ‘Jell-O Museum’ website is temporarily closed, but aficionados of Jell-O may be interested in the The Jell-O Gallery in Le Roy, NY, US. It’s run by The LeRoy Historical Society.

“In 1845, Peter Cooper dabbled with and patented a product which was ‘set’ with gelatin. Suffice it to say, it never did ‘jell’ with the American public. In 1897, Pearle Wait, a carpenter in LeRoy, was putting up a cough remedy and laxative tea in his home. He experimented with gelatine and came up with a fruit flavored dessert which his wife, May, named Jell-O. He tried to market his product but he lacked the capital and the experience. In 1899 he sold his formula to a fellow townsman for the sum of $450.” Text courtesy the Jell-O Museum


● The Jell-O Gallery in Le Roy is normally open for visits, but check ahead for current lockdown status.

● The text above is from the Jell-O Museum website, which is now offline, but can still be found, to some extent, via

● Production of Jell-O in LeRoy ended in 1964.

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