‘Apparatus for dissipating sock heat and moisture’ [new patent]

“Users of shoe apparel (e.g., shoes, sneakers, etc.) often place socks on their feet before positioning their feet into the shoe apparel; such placement is advantageous for a number of reasons. First, a sock may prevent friction between the skin of a user’s feet and the inside of the shoe apparel, thereby alleviating, or minimizing, the possibility of skin abrasions. Second, the sock may provide extra comfort to the user.


Yet, with the aforementioned advantages come various disadvantages. For example, users of shoe apparel for athletic activities (e.g., running) often experience moisture build-up within the sock; such moisture build-up may lead to skin irritation, discomfort, etc.”

What can be done about an unwelcome in-sock moisture-build-up scenario? US inventor Lukasz Przybylo has just been awarded a US patent, which, in its simplest form, might be described as a sock with a hole in it.

The full subtleties of which may be appreciated by examining : Apparatus for dissipating sock heat and moisture , United States Patent 10,925,324 February 23, 2021

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