Multi-rider vehicle retention apparel [new patent]

“When a passenger rides behind an operator of a motorcycle, the only way to hold on is to wrap the passenger’s arms around the torso of the operator.”

What could be done to improve the passenger’s grip? Californian inventor Dale Lafayette Marks has just been awarded a US patent for his Multi-rider vehicle retention apparel (Jan. 4th 2022), in which the passenger attaches him/herself to the front-rider with Velcro* (or any other suitable hook-and-loop-based fabric fastener system).

“Improving the grip of the passenger around the operator may be accomplished by providing gloves worn by the passenger and a jacket worn by the operator, whereby the gloves and the jacket have corresponding hook-and-loop fasteners. In this way, the hook-and-loop fasteners aid the passenger in keeping grip on the operator.”

*Note: Velcro itself was patented in 1955, but the patent has now expired. The story of its development can be found here at

Bonus assignment [optional] What other human activities might benefit from individuals attaching themselves together with Velcro* (or any other suitable hook-and-loop-based fabric fastener system) ?

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