About Me

• My work as a ‘Research Researcher’ involves scouring the scholarly journals, panning the latest patent archives, and beachcombing university websites – looking for uncommonly intriguing research. Then I write about it.

• I’m currently the Rio de Janeiro Desk Chief for Improbable Research [ though oddly, I’m currently based in London ]. My profile can be found here.

• In the process so far, I’ve been responsible for discovering three sets of researchers who went on to become Ig Nobel™ prize winners for their work on …

  1. A patented bra that converts into two facemasks [2009]
  2. The slipperiness of banana skins underfoot [2014]
  3. The ‘Brand Personality’ of rocks [2016]


• I’m also curator of the world’s first online Encyclopaedia of Unknowns called Wikenigma    (it’s a publicly editable wiki like Wikipedia, but about things we don’t yet know, rather than about those we do)


And finally . . .

Some things I’m currently trying to define . . .

“An artwork is something you’d rescue from a skip even though you have no use for it”

“A philosopher is someone who tries to make sense of the world just by thinking about it”

“A genuine medicine is a chemical which cures you even when you don’t believe in it”

“A terrorist is someone who carries out crimes against humanity without the requisite governmental authorisation”

“Austerity is state coercion that forces you to pay someone else’s debts for them”