About Me

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• My work as a ‘Research Researcher’ involves scouring the scholarly journals, panning the latest patent archives, and beachcombing university websites – looking for uncommonly intriguing research. Then I write about it.

• I’m currently the Rio de Janeiro Desk Chief for Improbable Research [ though oddly, I’m now based in London ]. My profile can be found here.

• In the process so far, I’ve been responsible for discovering six sets of researchers who went on to become Ig Nobel™ prize winners for their work on …

  1. A patented bra that converts into two facemasks [2009]
  2. The slipperiness of banana skins underfoot [2014]
  3. The ‘Brand Personality’ of rocks [2016]
  4. Shouting and cursing whilst driving [2018]
  5. The use of Voodoo dolls against bosses [2018]
  6. An infant diaper changing machine [2019]


• I’m also curator of the world’s first online Encyclopaedia of Unknowns called Wikenigma    (it’s a publicly editable wiki like Wikipedia, but about things we don’t yet know, rather than about those we do)


And finally . . .

Some things I’m currently trying to define . . .

•   “An artwork is something you’d rescue from a skip [‘dumpster’ US] even though you have no use for it”

•   “A philosopher is someone who tries to make sense of the universe just by thinking about it”

•   “A true medicine is a chemical which cures you even when you don’t believe in it”

•   “A terrorist is someone who carries out crimes against humanity without the requisite governmental authorisation”

•   “Austerity is a form of state coercion that forces you to pay someone else’s debts for them”

•   “Cloud-computing is when some dude convinces you to store all your data on his hard-drive instead of yours”

•   “The Scientific Method is an attempt to ringfence negative aspects of human nature well away from the quest for knowledge”

•   “Meditation is a learned methodology for showing one’s brain who’s boss”

•   “A politician is someone who earns credibility by telling people what they want to hear, and then spends it again doing what he/she really wants to do”