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This website is a compendium of Martin Gardiner’s ‘Research about Research’. Every article profiles authentic research projects – backed up by references to the sources. On the main website, there are absolutely no spoofs, fictionalised or invented items – just genuine research projects (+new patents).

They’re listed here, and also at the Improbable Research website – the organisation which awards the yearly Ig Nobel ® prizes – for research that makes people “Laugh and Then Think”.

They’re organised, loosely, by subject* – just click on a category to find a list of all the relevant posts.

Why’s it called a ‘Magazine’ ? It’s called a ‘magazine’ in the sense that the word was first used – for The Gentleman’s Magazine (1731) – that’s to say a ‘storehouse’ of items and ideas.

Why don’t some links work ? Like any website that archives material, Really Magazine is constantly plagued by ‘Linkrot’. Links that worked at the time of writing stop working, because the owners of the linked website have changed their setup in some way. If you find any dead links, please do get in touch. as it’s usually possible for us to find a new, working, update for the lost webpage.

Copyright : All original text (aside from quotes, which are clearly identified as such) is © Martin Gardiner, 2010 – 2019. As are some of the illustrations. Should you wish to reuse any content, or commission new material, please do get in touch.

© On featured photos and diagrams etc.  To illustrate the posts, Really Magazine often uses photos, diagrams and screenshots etc. taken directly from the sources. Like the quoted text material, they’re featured in the spirit of ‘fair use’, and of course remain the intellectual property of the originators/publishers. If, as copyright owner, you would like any photo etc. removed from the site, please get in touch.


* [ Yes, it’s true, some other categories are noticeable by their absence . . . but you can’t categorise everything, otherwise they wouldn’t be categories, would they? ]