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This website is a compendium of Martin Gardiner’s ‘Research about Research’. Every article profiles authentic academic research projects – backed up by references to the sources. On the main website, there are absolutely no spoofs, fictionalised or invented items – just genuine research projects.

They’re listed here, and also at the Improbable Research website – the organisation which awards the yearly Ig Nobel ® prizes – for research that makes people “Laugh and Then Think”.

Here they’re organised, loosely, by subject* – just click on a category to find a list of all the relevant posts.

Copyright : All text is © Martin Gardiner, 2010 – 2018. Should you wish to reuse any content, or commission new material, please do get in touch.

* [ Yes, it’s true, some other categories are noticeable by their absence . . . but you can’t categorise everything, otherwise they wouldn’t be categories, would they? ]